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Easton Baseball Bats

Easton Mako XL BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16MKL (2016)
Easton Mako Torq BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16MKT (2016)
Easton Mako Torq XL BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16MKTL (2016)

Easton Mako XL -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $299.95
Save: $180.00 (38% off)

Easton Mako Torq -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $249.95
Save: $280.00 (53% off)

Easton Mako Torq XL -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $249.95
Save: $280.00 (53% off)
Easton Mako BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16MK (2016)
Easton ZCore Speed Whiteout BBCOR Bat -3oz BB17ZSW
Easton Z-Core Hybrid Torq BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16ZHT (2016)

Easton Mako -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $249.95
Save: $230.00 (48% off)

Easton ZCore Speed Whiteout -3oz

Sale Price: $199.95
Save: $20.00 (9% off)

Easton Z-Core Hybrid Torq -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $179.95
Save: $200.00 (53% off)
Easton S1 BBCOR Bat BB15S1 -3oz (2015) 34INCH ONLY
Easton Z-Core BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16ZA (2016)
Easton Z-Core XL BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16ZAL (2016)

Easton S1 -3oz (2015) 34" Only

Sale Price: $149.95
Save: $280.00 (65% off)

Easton Z-Core -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $149.95
Save: $70.00 (32% off)

Easton Z-Core XL -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $149.95
Save: $70.00 (32% off)
Easton Z-Core Hybrid XL BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16ZHL (2016)
Easton S3Z BBCOR Bat BB15S3Z -3oz (2015)
Easton Z-Core Torq BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16ZAT (2016)

Easton Z-Core Hybrid XL -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $149.95
Save: $180.00 (55% off)

Easton S3Z -3oz (2015)

Sale Price: $119.95
Save: $100.00 (45% off)

Easton Z-Core Torq -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $119.95
Save: $160.00 (57% off)
Easton S3Z BBCOR Bat BB15S3Z -3oz (2015) - 33in Only
Easton S400 BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16S400 (2016)
Easton S200 BBCOR Bat -3oz BB16S200 (2016)

Easton S3Z -3oz (2015) 33" Only

Sale Price: $99.95
Save: $120.00 (55% off)

Easton S400 -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $79.95
Save: $20.00 (20% off)

Easton S200 -3oz (2016)

Sale Price: $59.95
Save: $10.00 (14% off)

Easton Baseball Bats features: Easton Inc. is an organization which is more than eight decades old with established name and market leadership in the manufacture of sports equipment and other accessories.

Easton baseball bats are the most popular brand in their category. They have some unique features which make them the most sought after bats in the market. In the manufacture of the bats Easton employs the exclusive Sc888 Triple 8 Alloy which makes the bats the strongest and the toughest in the game and gives maximum barrel performance. Easton makes use of the unique Opti-Flex Composite Handle Technology that provides maximum handle flexibility. In fact it provides three times greater flexibility to Easton baseball bats than aluminum does to others.

There are other exclusive features of Easton baseball bats. These bats make use of Easton�s patented ConneXion technology. This acts like a hinge to provide the most efficient energy transfer from handle to barrel. This results in a maximum bat head whip for quicker batting and exerts more power through the hitting zone. The bats have BESR certified 2 5/8� diameter barrel and -3 length-to-weight ratio, thus meeting college and high school bat standards. Easton products are quite popular with sports persons all over and are in great demand. The Easton baseball bats are a product of Easton�s continuous efforts to up date their products to match the requirements of professional players and amateurs. The attempt to improve the quality of their products is a policy of Easton. This makes their products one of a kind.

The �Blasting Cap� used in Easton baseball bats extends the barrel and the sweet spot, simultaneously enhancing the sound, balance and the feel of the bat. The extended barrel provides for maximum hitting area. Easton baseball bats come with Total-Peen anodized finish for the elegant look that makes them appeal to the onlooker. Easton baseball bats come with tapered handle with new Pro-Tack cushioned grip for better control and durability.

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