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Louisville I13 Hard Maple Baseball Bat WBHM14-13CBN 2014

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MAD MAX says:
    Louisville is known for their wood bat's and it's mainly because of bat's like this. This model is an I13 cut which is has a medium barrel and is not super balanced or super end-loaded. The hard maple is the best thing going. It is virtually Louisville's version of a blem bat because it was pulled off production and couldn't be made a M9. It is one of the best things going.



    Why Maple? Harder hitting surface. Maple is a very dense timber with a greater surface hardness than ash. Many players believe this hardness gives them better performance

  • Maple is a closed-grain timber, making it less prone to flake like ash and allowing for more durability
  • Maple is generally considered more popular right now
  • It has become prominent over the last decade, driven by MLB players
  • Black handle/Natural finish
  • Wood Bats do not have a warranty against breakage

    Louisville I13 Hard Maple Baseball Bat WBHM14-13CBN 2014

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Louisville | WBHM14-13CBN |


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