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Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw 11.75in Game Model Pitcher Glove WTA20RB15CK22GM 2015

Clayton Kershaw messed around and won himself a CY Young award in 2014 with this glove.

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MAD MAX says:
    Clayton Kershaw messed around and won himself another Cy Young award in 2014. He has won three to be exact. The constant theme in all of them was the glove on his hand, which is the Wilson A2000, jet black. This pitcher's glove is one sweet looking glove and only the best for the best pitcher in the National League. The size is 11.75 inches, which is right where you want it for a pitcher. The closed web design also makes it preferred for a pitcher where he can hide the pitch and the ball deep inside the glove.




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    Clayton Kershaw finds a groove and sticks with it. He's worn our classic B2 since his first days in Dodger camp. True to his roots, he hasn't changed a thing since. Our Black B2 is now the CK22 Game Model.

  • 2-Piece Web
  • Deep Pocket
  • Game Model for Clayton Kershaw

  • The Wilson A2000 puts unbeatable craftsmanship in the palm of your hand.Wilson spent countless hours working with MLB players to further refine the glove that has outperformed and outlasted all others for almost 60 years. This line is expertly constructed with world famous Pro Stock Leather to provide durable performance game after game. The result—the perfect glove for hardworking players everywhere.

  • PRO STOCK LEATHER: American Steerhide prized by professional players for its rugged durability and unmatched feel. It’s the perfect ball glove leather
  • DUAL WELTING: Two strips of leather are placed along each finger back to provide the most durable pocket and long lasting break in
  • PRO STOCK PATTERNS: Exclusive hand designed patterns continuously improved by Aso-san and the Wilson Advisory Staff year after year
  • DRI-LEX: Ultra-breathable wrist lining transfers moisture from the skin, keeping your hand cool and dry

  • Wilson Glove Master Craftsman Aso-san spends hours perfecting each Game Model glove so that the pros don’t have to think about their glove during the season. That doesn’t mean they won’t devote hours to their glove before the season—just ask Brandon Phillips. He spent a day at the Wilson Glove Lab hand drawing his gamer. It isn’t all about the flash though. He can feel a 5 gram weight difference. Wilson Pro Stock Game Models are made to the specifications of the player for their gamer…and your gamer.

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    Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw 11.75in Game Model Pitcher Glove WTA20RB15CK22GM 2015

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